Polyols used in Cosmetics and Toiletries Applications

Polyols are commonly used for personal care industry, both the cosmetics and toiletries sectors. Polyols are more and more incorporated as excipients in the manufacture of the essential ranges of personal care products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, chewing gums, candies, creams and lotions, make-up, perfumes or deodorants.

Polyols used in Toothpaste

Due to their humectant function as well as their pleasant taste, their sweetness and their non-cariogenic properties, some polyols are recognized as the ideal base for toothpaste and mouthwash recipes. They give toothpastes the required viscosity and humectancy. The specific properties of certain grades of polyols enable the production of clear gels. The specificity of some “non-browning” liquid polyols is appreciated for the substitution of glycerine in the toothpastes containing alkaline ingredients.

Polyols used in Shaving Products

Humectant and tackiness functions of polyols are searched for those applications. The non-skin irritating function is also essential in this application.

Polyols used in Creams and Lotions

Those formulations require also an essential humectant’s function.Polyols have an interest because of their non-skin irritating power.

Polyols used in Shampoos

In this application, the main function of polyols is humectancy.