What is mannitol?

As all polyols, mannitol is a sugar alcohol or hydrogenated carbohydrate. It is also known as sugar replacer, bulk sweetener or sugar-free sweetener.

In what products is the polyol mannitol used?

Polyol mannitol used in food applications

Due to its very low solubility and hygroscopicity and its positive impact on the machinability and texture of final products, mannitol (European safety number E 421, International number INS 421) is perfectly suited for: – chewing gum (mass, dusting, coating in combination with xylitol) – chewy sweets (crystalline phase) Mannitol being not cariogenic, it can also be used in safe for teeth products. See also Polyols – food applications

Polyol mannitol used in pharmaceutical applications

Diuretic when intravenously injected, mannitol is a crucial active in life saving treatment. Besides that critical care application, mannitol is also used as a reference excipient in freeze drying preparation of unstable medicines or therapeutic proteins and other actives obtained by biotechnologies. Combining unique properties of inertness, chemical and physical stability, Mannitol is also used in more conventional dosage forms like tablets, capsules where active need to be protected from humidity and degradation. Mannitol brings formulations to a safer level. See also Polyols – pharmaceutical applications

Polyol mannitol used in cosmetics applications

Mannitol is used in cosmetic applications as a humectant but also in skin hydration formulations or skin care preparation. See also Polyols – Cosmetics applications