The European Association of Polyol Producers (EPA) was established in 1991 to represent the interests of its members at the level of the European Union and other European and international bodies. Its members are the principal producers of polyols (sugar alcohols) in the European Union. Associate membership is open to non-EU producers.

Mission statement:

Through this website, EPA aims to monitor the regulatory developments surrounding polyols and to provide scientifically-based information about polyols to any interested parties including consumers, health practitioners and regulatory bodies.

You will find that polyols are used in a wide range of applications and serve many purposes, not only in food, but also with respect to human health.

Contact EPA

EPA’s Secretariat is located Avenue de Tervueren 13A – Bte 7 – B-1040 Brussels BELGIUM

T: + 32 (0)2 736 53 54